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The Oman International Hospital (OIH) adopts the highest international quality standards, combining the skills of renowned local medical teams and international medical doctors to provide excellent healthcare services and the most sophisticated technological solutions available

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Centres of Excellence

OIH ensures an integrated clinical information between multidisciplinary teams to produce the best diagnoses and therapeutic solutions.

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Technology is the Hospital’s brand image

The comprehensive, cutting-edge technology, along with communication features, safety alerts, reporting capabilities, and accessibility from remote locations has improved our ability to take action on critical patients in ways that would be impossible otherwise.
Oman International Hospital presents a Concept that integrates Culture with Science, Safety with Comfort, Aesthetics with Functionality.

This Holistic approach will be felt not only on the spatiality but also on how each and every client is assessed in its own health uniqueness.

Oman International Hospital is based on 5 pillars:

  • An environment where Exclusivity spurs from every inch of its spatiality;
  • Highly differentiated Clinical Staff with the patronage of Top World Class Doctors;
  • 5 Star Hotel Class Hospitality;
  • Advanced medical equipment adequately integrated into the environment without overwhelming it;
  • A single place where a patient finds the solution for all it's health needs;

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