About Us


The Oman International Hospital (OIH) adopts the highest international quality standards, combining the skills of renowned local medical teams and several international medical doctors to provide excellent healthcare services and the most sophisticated technological solutions available. This state-of-the-art and contemporary hospital has an area of over 42 000 square meters and represents one of the most prominent landmarks in Oman, with several centres of excellence and multispeciality offering.

OIH was created as a shared project of a new healthcare group in the Gulf Region, Al Afia Healthcare Development and Investment Company SAOC, composed of three diverse shareholders: Suhail Bahawn Group, Oman Brunei Investment Company, and IGHS – Idealmed Global Healthcare Services.


Oman International Hospital bases its management philosophy on an innovative concept, evidencing synergies for both clinical entities and populations, focusing on differentiation and competitiveness, based on a policy of raising the quality transversal to the entire project.

Oman International Hospital was created with the objective of creating unique conditions for the exercise of clinical and research activity in Oman, Muscat, increasing all potential synergies between Professionals and Entities of recognized differentiation, preserving the identity and functional autonomy of each one.


We intend to be recognized as the reference Private Hospital Unit in the Central region, betting on the creation of a pole of Excellence based on a culture of humanization in the care of the user, technological differentiation and attraction of the best professionals and partners.

We are the first private multidisciplinary unit in the country that was built specifically with the aim of becoming a Hospital, and with a great focus in Women & Children excellence care.

Our Main Focus Are

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    Focus its activity around the patient. Meeting the needs of patients and family members through ethical and humanized treatment, guided by values such as respect, confidentiality and individuality, should be a concern of all of us in everything we do.

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    Promote teamwork, individual responsibility, initiative, creating a good working environment, effective communication channels, and genuine group spirit in which everyone can and should participate.

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    Promote the continuous improvement of processes, such as support of the quality of the service provided and satisfaction of patients, users, partners and other stakeholders.

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    Ensure the growth of Oman International Hospital by fostering productivity, efficient use of resources and development of new opportunities; We are determined to achieve ambitious results in achieving our mission.

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    Develop actions with the community in an ethical way, in the areas of health and education, guided continuously by values such as solidarity and respect for others. Comply with and enforce all the requirements of Good Clinical Practice and health sector legislation.

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    Attract the best professionals and partners, offering all the conditions for the development of their activities and thus creating a cluster of excellence in the health sector.

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    Act ethically in trade and partnership relations guiding our work through honest, transparent conduct, respecting all commitments made.

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    Provide the best health care services, following the constant technical and scientific advances. Ensure the performance of competent medical acts, through compliance with legal obligations and Criteria of Good Clinical Practices; Develop the Research, Development and Training Centre as a centre of scientific research at the service of the international business community.