Life & Work at OIH

Life & Work at OIH

The Oman International Hospital employee is an ambitious professional, committed to the Company’s Vision and Objectives.

We value professionals with a sense of organization, and responsibility, capable of accepting changes, and resistant to pressure.

At the level of qualifications, they are professionals with education levels equal to or higher than the average within their professional category.



Head Nurse of Outpatient Oman International Hospital

“While the demands of hospital work are many, the rewards that come from helping people in need is very significant. Oman International Hospital work is unique, everything we do support patient and their families in promoting health when they are at their most vulnerable. It offers a very special type of care with a such vision of an excellence in leadership in the industry. As we Health care workers especially from Nursing perspective, we take pride that nurses are excellent in providing an innovative, evidence based nursing care, respecting a culture of humanization and compassion for the highest quality of safe care. They are considered as the backbone of Oman International Hospital practice which directly supports the community. We are working in line with Oman Health Vision 2050 for quality care and sustained health. And that’s also is about pathways for recruitment and professional development, in particular, nurse’s health and their quality of work all brought together. If you want to work with dynamic and fulfilling team environment, then Oman International Hospital is the best. It offers a continual learning with operating suite team supported by high qualified nurses who assist in the advancing your competencies”


Head Nurse for Inpatient Area Oman International Hospital

“Why should you apply to Oman International Hospital? You will feel it’s a good fit for your experience – while the benefits fit your lifestyle. Working with us will develop your soft & hard skills, ending with a step up for your career.

You will be impressed with our organization’s culture that will align with your personal philosophy of life – making you a happier employee & individual.”


The Oman International Hospital’s

success depends essentially on the motivation, involvement, and professionalism of its employees. In this sense, we seek on the one hand to attract skills in the labor market and on the other hand to retain and foster the ones we already have in our teams.

The Human Resources Management Policy is defined in line with the Oman International Hospital’s Mission, Vision, and Quality Policy, in order to ensure the involvement of our employees in meeting the objectives of the Quality Management System to which we have set ourselves.


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