Endocrinology & Nutrition


Medical specialty that the doctors investigate, diagnose and treat disorders of the endocrine system, like diabetes, lipid disorders and thyroid diseases.


Clinical setup:

(Day 1: Thyroid   Parathyroid and Pituitary clinic

Day 1: Thyroid   Parathyroid and Pituitary clinic

Day 2: Diabetes and Adrenal disease

Day3: Hirsute Clinic / Dermatology Cosmetics / aromatase deficiency congenital ***, aromatase inhibitors

Day 4 : Obesity Clinic : deep phenotyping : Metabolic syndrome , Fatty liver and Hepato- renal metabolic diseases


Day Care:

4-5 cases per day:

– Diabetes Foot-Pump insulin & CGMS

– Thyroid others results

– Endocrine dynamic tests

  • Bone & Mineral diseases / Osteoporosis: low bone mass and micro architecture
  • Thalassemia osteoporosis and hypo Pituitary/ diabetes
  • Diabeteshofbauer lancet diabetes/ endocrinology 22
  • Adrenal vein sampling with radiologist Plus lab biochemistry; unit.
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Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki

Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki

Senior Visiting Consultant- Endocrinology

Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki, Senior Visiting Consultant- Endocrinology

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