Make - Siemens, Model - Magnetom Lumia

MAGNETOM Lumina is the new MRI 3T Open Bore system with premium MR technology, combining a unique BioMatrix technology that automatically adjusts to patient positioning to result distribution, the new syngo MR XA software platform with an intuitive system operation, and a Turbo Suite allowing for up to 50 % faster routine scans, to reduce the overall patient time slot.

Hybrid OR

Make - Siemens, Model - Artis One

Artis One standardized minimally invasive treatment allowing an optimization of clinical operations with a unique combination of imaging and workflow software, simplifying the process. With a Great contrast solution using MEGALIX Cat Plus angiography X-ray tube with flat emitter technology, it is possible to provide great contrast resolution even during cardiac procedures. This innovative Hybrid OR allows a great image quality rallying in lower reasonable doses.

Endoscopy Study

Make - Olympus, Model CV-170 with full HD system

Olympus CV-170 allies High-resolution HDTV images and NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) in endoscopic, facilitating optimal diagnosis and treatment diagnosis in ENT and urology. The HDTV allows to have sharp and clear details in the mucosal structures and other vessel patterns, and NBI enhances the visibility of capillaries and other structures with a special illumination to optically contrast abnormal tissue against the surrounding healthy area, potentially eliminates unnecessary biopsies and improves examination quality.

General X ray/ Fluoroscopy

Make - Siemens, Model - Multix Fusion Max

With proven high-quality hardware and imaging , Multix Fusion Max reduces manual work steps with a high degree of motorization and simplicity. The system enables perfectly synchronized positioning with automated height tracking for table and tube that always maintain the correct source-image distance.

Computed Tomography - 128 Slice

Make - Siemens, Model Somatom Go top

CT diagnostics are upgraded with a unique mobile Workflow and smart tools that help patients and provide a closer care. Covering the full clinical spectrum, Somatom Go is easy and adaptative to the workflow to every indication, offering an AI-powered scan automation and innovations, with image quality and dose reduction.


Make - Siemens, Model - Mammomat Fusion

MAMMOMAT Fusion is a premium system enhancing screening and diagnostics with a refined and automated workflow performance even in complex tasks. With the innovative high-resolution new generation CsI detector technology it is possible to improve spatial resolution and dose efficiency, always providing the best experience to the patient.

Patient Ventilators

Make – Okuman, Model - OXI 4 Plus

The OXIVENT™Oxi4Plus transportable lung ventilator is designed to be used in emergency services at the hospitals in a 7.1 inch Touchscreen LCD Display, with a High performance in intensive care and transport and an optional 12 hours operating time with amplified batter.

Dental Surgery Unit

Make - AIdek, Model - AIdek 500B

Our intelligent, simple and infallible dental chair is designed to function holistically and intuitively, providing optimal access with everything needed within reach, with a flexible design allowing to configure the clinical instruments for each procedure. This unit is customizable and easy to navigate, always providing comfort and stability to a superior patient experience.


With throughput per instrument or module at 1800 tests/hour, The Atellica™ CH 930 Analyser is designed with many automated functions to maximize uptime with on-the-fly loading for reagents, system fluids and consumables, with a continuous sample processing Continuous reagent and consumable loading without pausing the system.


The Atellica™ IM 1300 Analyser can produce 220 Immunoassay tests per hour, with each analyser with the capacity for 42 positions for assays and 35 for ancillary reagents, for reliability and ease of use.