He has 35 years of experience in ENT. He was working at Al Nahda Hospital Ruwi Oman in E.N.T. department since 1992 till March 2021 and has 28 years of experience in Oman. He did his undergraduate training from Goa Medical College, Goa, India and postgraduate training at the BYL Nair Hospital & Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, India, one of the leading tertiary care teaching hospitals in India. He did his residency at Municipal ENT hospital, Mumbai India and obtained M.S. degree in E.N.T. from Bombay University in October 1985. He began his E.N.T. career at this hospital till 1992 before joining MOH hospital in Oman. He has vast training and experience at Municipal ENT hospital in the diseases of ENT and was fortunate to have worked under leading ENT surgeons of India.

He is well versed in all ENT surgeries and his special area of interest is Middle Ear surgeries including cochlear implant surgery for restoration of congenital and acquired hearing losses. He also does other routine ENT surgeries and has been an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher, both in India and Oman. He does all ear surgeries, such as myringotomy & grommet placement, Tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedotomy / stapedectomy, mastoidectomy. List of Operations: • Tonsillectomy

• Adenoidectomy

• Septoplasty

• Nasal polypectomy

• Foreign body removal -ear/nose/throat/upper esophagus, bronchus

• Direct Laryngoscopy

• Micro laryngoscopy

• Myringotomy & Grommets/T-tubes insertion

• Myringoplasty

• Tympanoplasty

• Ossiculoplasty

• Stapedectomy/Stapedotomy

• Mastoidectomy—cortical, modified radical and Radical

• Bone Anchored Hearing Device ( BAHA)

• Cochlear Implant Surgery- Child/Adult

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