Dr Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Al Lamki (MBBCH, MSc. Endocrinology, FRCP(UK)) is Oman International Hospital’s Senior Consultant, Endocrinology.

Dr. Lamki has received his undergraduate degree from Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.He completed higher education from King Williams College in the Isle of Man (United Kingdom.) After completing his PostGraduation in Glasgow, Scotland, as the first Omani Endocrinologist, he joined Ministry of Health, Oman

He has the experience in the field, covering diabetes, obesity and diabetes technology, endocrine metabolic diseases, thyroid, parathyroid and Thyroid cancer. He is an expert in Pituitary and Adrenal disorders. He is also well versed in neuro-endocrine oncology, bone and mineral disorder and Porphyria – a rare disorder.

Years of Experience more than 30 years.

1- Senior Consultant Endocrinologist:Royal Hospital, Oman.( MBchB , Msc Endocrinology, FRCP(UK)) 2- Head of Medical EndoMetabolic section ,Department of Medicine Royal Hospital. 3- Head of Subspecialties ,Department of Medicine , Royal Hospital. 4- Examiner for PACES Royal College UK 5- President of AACE Gulf Chapter, now Ex President and Advisory Board Member. 6- GGSD board Member and Founder (Gulf Group for the Study of Diabetes) 7- DASG Founder & Member (Diabetes Asia Study Group) 8- Member of Editorial Committee (SQJM) , Sultan Qaboos Journal Of Medicine . 9- Member of the Editorial Committee Journal of Endocrinology &Diabetes ( AACE GulfChapter)now Gulf Association for Endocrinology & Diabetes(GAED) 10- Member and Chairman for YANAAR.(You Are Not Alone At Royal) 11- Member for GCC Thyroid Cancer Forum & NeuroEndocrine Tumors. 12- Member Advisory Board for Rare/Orphanage diseases for Special Therapies for Porphyria & Hereditary Hypophosphotasia (HHP):genetic disorder of phosphate metabolism.

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