Excellent medicine requires a lot of knowledge, but also an advanced structure to support diagnosis, formed mostly by complementary exams.
In this context, Medical Imaging plays a fundamental role. The hospital has last generation equipment’s.
High technology to help doctors to reach the accurate diagnosis.
Depending on the case, the doctor requests the most appropriate exam, from a simple X-ray to complex magnetic resonance exams.
Medical Imaging can also be used during surgeries and procedures in general.


The great day has come.
The most important day of our lives.
Aware of this importance, the OIH united comfort with the most modern technologies.
Maternal safety is essential.
The hospital has the support of all complementary exams and area room with a multidisciplinary team and intensive care unit for newborns. You can trust. Your newborn is in good hands.


Nowadays, fertility problems can have different causes.
These causes range from environmental, emotional problems to complex hormonal disorders in men and women.
An accurate diagnosis of the cause is essential for the most appropriate treatment.
The hospital has a specialized multidisciplinary team and high-tech support in laboratory tests and procedures.
The hospital is concerned about your safety. You can trust.

Medical Spa

In this special space everything has been thought for your wellbeing.
Located on the top floor of the OIH, in an area of 630 square meters, the spa provides all the necessary accommodation for your recovery or alternative therapies.
Highly qualified professionals, physiotherapists, beauticians and therapists in general.
Comfortable facilities. Wide spaces. Background music.
The exact environment for your rehabilitation or just to relax and forget about your problems.


The hospital has 5 operations theatres of excellence.
Highly qualified team.
Super modern equipment guarantees total sterilization of rooms and materials after each use.
The high technology is presenting all surgical procedures. Many surgical acts can be performed with video technology and image, these procedures are faster, less invasive and less painful.
Comfortable rooms for recovery from anaesthesia. Your safety is our priority.

Plastic Surgery

The OIH also thinks about your beauty and how much it can provide for yourself-esteem.
Aesthetic and repair procedures.
Safety is guaranteed by our excellent operations theatres. High-tech equipment generates accurate results.
Staff highly qualified and helpful. Here your change is made with complete security.


Our health starts in the mouth.
Thinking about it, the OIH has a special department totally dedicated to dental medicine.
There are 5 offices, all of them spacious, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology.
The hospital has all services in dentistry for your convenience, with a complete and specialized team.
Let our experts take care of your smile.

Laboratory Tests

Often the result of a single exam is enough for the doctor to arrive at the most appropriate treatment.
But what happens if this exam takes too long to be ready?
To optimize the exam time and to stream line all the assistance and procedures, the OIH has a highly technological clinical analysis laboratory.
Accurate results in shortest possible time.

Sleep Studies

People in general spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Sleeping is part of the normal and hormonal cycle of our bodies.
For many reasons, we often can’t sleep well.
When you sleep but don't rest?
The hospital knows the importance of sleeping well. To rest well. For this there is a special department solely dedicated to the sleep and its disorders.
With the help of high technology equipment’s, our medical team will arrive at an accurate diagnosis, guiding the best treatment.
Sleep well and have sweet dreams again.


OIH ensures an integrated clinical information between multidisciplinary teams to produce the best diagnoses and therapeutic solutions.

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