Obesity and COVID-19

Obesity is a serious disease that needs to be seen with different eyes before the problem of COVID-19. But why?

If you look at all the statistics, most hospitalizations for the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) are from patients who have some comorbidity, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and obesity, all make up this list. However, the most important fact is that obesity is a factor that predisposes to the development of all the others mentioned and that it is often not treated with importance.

Another very important point about the relationship between obesity and COVID-19 is the fact that the disease causes what we call a “cytokine storm”, which are pro-inflammatory substances that are also released by obese patients, that is, there is synergy in these cases, increasing complications.

Not by chance, among the 5% of younger patients who are affected by COVID-19, those who actually go to the ICU or need intensive care, they are related to cases of obesity. Thus, obese people have the possibility of developing a worsened and more severe clinical picture and, therefore, they must have extra care to avoid the disease and also to have a healthier life that, consequently, will reflect on their health.

On our website there is a quick test to help guide you about the disease, but the most important thing is in case of severe symptoms such as high fever or difficulty breathing, look for our emergency service, it is fully equipped and with specialized professionals.